Why Isn’t It Worse?

We all have problems; anxieties, fears, guilt, lack of motivation, procrastination, extra weight etc. What is yours? When you find that thing ask your self why is it not worse? Somehow you manage to keep it under some kind of control even if it’s not at the level you want it at. So stop, think how do I actually keep it somewhat under control and my life is not total chaos? What are the behaviors, thoughts, feelings I have that help me keep this under control? The funny thing is you have the solutions to your problems you just can’t see the bigger picture you need to step back and take a closer look. Think about the times in your life when the problem was not a problem, think about in the future when it’s not a problem anymore what will you be doing, thinking, feeling that is different? Pick one thing that has helped you with this problem in the past and do it, just one thing can make all the difference.

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