About Me

I am a life coach and registered clinical counsellor with my Masters in Counselling Psychology. I am also a level 2 Internal Family Systems therapist. I believe that we are not meant to merely survive life but we can thrive. To get back into alignment with one’s True Self it’s important to find a safe way back to process the pain so we can live fully in the present moment.  I have walked this path and I know personally how hard it can be to recovery from trauma and stress. Every tool, skills and resources I share and give to you is something I have used personally and know its healing potential. 

When I was a little girl I felt abandoned and alone. Suffering from this emotional trauma at such a young age gave me two choices. I could stop feeling for life and just turn off and become numb forget and try to move on, or I could use this as fuel for a journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing.

A turning point in my life was my first trip to Thailand. The culture, the people, for some reason I felt like I was safe. My journey back to healing started there and within the culture, I started to explore different healing and meditational techniques. A few years later, I completed my BA in Psychology, where I focused on mentoring young mothers in the criminal justice system and aided women in the mental health and addictions regions of the system. I always felt devoted to helping younger women feel safe, and to help them find a voice. I worked in addiction treatment centre and transitions homes for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. 

Soon after that I completed my Masters in Counselling Psychology and continued to develop my meditation and yoga practice by obtaining my 200hr yoga teaching certificate, Yoga Nidra Training, Reiki Training and doing a 10 day silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat. 

Today, I empower individuals, who like me, believe they deserve more from life and refuse to settle for anything but true freedom and happiness. I am devoted to helping you feel secure enough to challenge yourself. To step out of your self-defeating cycles and into the light that will illuminate the beauty you’ve always had within you.

I want to help you get to a place where you can process the pain in a safe way. Offer a secure space for you to heal and to show you your truth. Because no matter what your story is you are still the author and you are the one that decides how it will end. Let’s take this journey together back to your authentic self. 

Areas of Specialty

Life Transitions      Dating and Relationships      Inner Child Healing

Anxiety/Depression   Trauma     Grief and Loss      Burnout/Stress  

Direction and Clarity    Substance Abuse