Align Your Life With Your True Self

I know you have read the self-help books, listened to the podcasts, gone to the seminars and yet there is still something missing. You have worked through so much, let go of so much and yet your heart still feels heavy at times. There are parts of you that are still holding you back. Maybe it’s a whisper or a feeling in your stomach sometimes that says you’re not good enough. It’s the voice that judges you and tells you others are judging you. These parts cause us at times to undervalue ourselves they can stop us from being our best self.

What if I told you these parts really want you to succeed, these voices are really on your side, but they have gotten stuck and become burdened with outdated beliefs and scripts. Within all of us, we have parts, parts that are supposed to support your purpose, passion and True Self, that you come into this world with. When you are born you are free of shame and guilt, you are innocent, but you have the ability to experience these emotions and as we grow up we do, and we embody them. We are also vulnerable when we are born and if our needs are met with love and acceptance we learn that vulnerability is not safe. We deny parts of ourself locking them away and a defense system is built around them stopping you from being vulnerable. You feel like there are parts of you that if people saw them they would no longer accept and love you. This is not true but until you love them you won’t let anyone else. It’s not about blaming anyone for this, but it is about going in and listening to what the exiled parts have to say and witnessing what memories and emotions our inner child is holding on to. Until we turn inside and ask what the fear, anxiety, and self-doubt are protecting us from we will continue to carry the burdened scared child within us.

It takes courage to go within and to connect back to our purpose and passion but when you do a weight will be lifted and you will truly know what it feels like to love yourself, all parts of you and then you will be able to let people witness and love all of you. No amount of positive affirmations will quiet the call of your inner child that is holding on to your pain. Their story needs to be witnessed and told and let go so you can come back into alignment with your true self, free to thrive and flourish.

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