Yoga Prep

Are you drawn to yoga but feel uncomfortable going to classes? Not sure if you are doing it right? Scared you might hurt yourself? Yoga prep may be the perfect answer!

Get private yoga lessons so you can feel confident going to yoga classes with your friends or in your community. Yoga prep will give you the skills necessary to flow through your yoga classes. No need to watch what others are doing around you instead you will have the skills and ability to focus on your mat and bring into alignment your mind, body, and Soul. The benefits of this will ripple into your life by reducing stress, anxiety, tension and increasing energy, flexibility, focus, and overall well-being

What Yoga Perp Includes

  • Basics Yoga Poses and Sequences
  • Breath Work
  • Trauma Informed
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Basic Philosophy
  • Confidence

Yoga Prep offers private, couples or group classes in the comfort of your own home. Also available for children and youth. We also specialize in trauma-informed yoga which has been shown to be an effective tool in healing PTSD.

Contact us today to create a program that is right for you!

Currently, this is only offered in BALI

Packages Yoga Prep

Single Session $50 (CAN)

Three Sessions $120 (CAN)

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