Grieving You

The words “You don’t know until you experience it” ring truer now than ever before. I have lost a lot in my life. Although grief has been a kind of constant companion it was not until I recently lost my grandmother that I got to truly experience the depth of grief and loss. Many of...

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How to Reduce Your Anxiety and Stress During COVID-19 Panic

The world is in a state of panic and prevention with the Coronavirus spreading internationally. Pretty much every person around the world is being influenced by this and more than ever we can feel our interconnectedness. What has spread faster than the COVID-19 is the anxiety and stress. There is a level of uncertainty and...

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Plant Medicine: 5 Tips to Help With An Ayahuasca Journey

There are lots of different ways you can heal and there are many tools and techniques you can use. You can see a doctor when you are not well and maybe you will get medication or maybe you need surgery. Massage can be very healing and sometimes it may be mixed with other techniques like...

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Vipassana 10 Day Silent Meditation Retreat: 5 Helpful Tips

So, you are thinking of doing a 10-day silent meditation retreat? Maybe you have had this thought for a while or maybe you just stumbled upon this opportunity. I know when I first heard to Vipassana the 10-day silent meditation retreat from my friends I thought they were crazy. The seed was planted though, and...

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Yoga Teacher Training: Gratitude a Path Out of Judgement

  We started the class with pranayama, controlled intentional breath to help access the Nadis and the energy associated with each of them.We focused on the Left Nadi the Yang sun energy to help us get through the upcoming yoga class. During the class I started out strong determined to focus on the posture and...

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Check Out What People Are Saying

"Kylies highly effective coaching technique, enabled me to recognize  and  make contact with  the  parts  inside my mind  that were   trapped in the past, stuck  in  old ways of being. My thoughts and beliefs about my abilities to do the job were deeply ingrained in these old patterns. 

Kylie guided me in recognizing and being compassionate to these trapped parts of myself. She  taught  me  tools to free up my thinking and move on from these old reactive patterns that no longer served me.  My attitude towards my work changed. I began to see things in a different light, and let go of  old negative attitudes and beliefs  about myself that I had carried since childhood."

Jarred Manager

"I highly recommend Kylie to anyone looking to connect to their true self, and grow and move beyond that which holds them back in this life. I am very grateful for her gentle, compassionate, and highly effective coaching."

Sarah Manager

" Working with Kylie has been an incredibly profound method of self-transformation for me.  Her language and technique is compassionate, powerful, and full of genuine love.  It is amazing how she has guided me through aspects of myself, my past, my fears, my hopes and desires—during my work with her.  Kylie’s tools for success and follow-up support have been equally beneficial and contribute immensely to my personal healing and growth, as well as attesting to the longevity of her work." 

Emily Artist