Why Cant I Lose Weight?!


Have you tried everything? Crazy diets? Juice Fasts? Fitness Challenges? Personal Training?

BUT Nothing really seems to move those unwanted pounds from your body?

You’re not alone!

For some of us, weight isn’t just about the food we eat or the amount we move but it has to do with our past and our belief about how safe we are in the world.

Our brain wants to protect us and sometimes weight can be that protection, your brain will literally put on pounds of protection if the brain thinks you are not safe at a certain weight.

This is all taking place in the UNCONSCIOUS mind. Meaning you do not have conscious control over this weight or for your bodies need for protection.

This lack of safety can be due to a number of things that could have occurred in your childhood or youth but the underlying feeling is fear. You may have grown up with a lot of fear or something could have happened to you that caused a lot of fear and threatened your safety.

Understanding this at a conscious level is not enough you must now convince your brain you are safe now, that the world can be trusted, only then will the weight come off easily.

You must practice trust.

If weight is something your struggle with and feel it is fear that is holding you back I can help. You will need to flush out the fear and the negative disempowering beliefs that hold you in a stuck place.

Only after this will you move into your empowered true self that feels safe in the world and thus no longer needs the pounds of protection.

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Kylie Feller is a Clinical Counsellor and Life Coach. She is passionate about helping people come back into alignment with their True Self. She specializes in dating, relationships, trauma, transitions, anxiety and depression. To connect with Kylie you can email her, contact her through social media or reach her through the newsletter sign up.

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